L O F T 58

The best for the best.

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We feel the need to provide a home away from home for people who travel, rather than just a roof over their heads. For us, the feeling of home can bring awareness of its importance when you are away from home. It is based on the simplest things, the warmth of the materials, the smell of homemade bread or the silence of the room. This view comes from our ancestors. LOFT58 is your home in Lisbon.


We believe that traveling can be an extraordinary and life-changing experience, if you connect with the place where you are and thinking about it, we created LOFT58. For you to create emotional, spiritual and cultural ties with the city. The places we find enrich our life experiences, improving the way we deal with the world and the people who live in it, and that is why we want to leave our mark on the memory of our guests.


The identity of a place and its own architectural language depend on a specific set of materials and application techniques. LOFT58 defines the balance between simplicity, luxury and our well-being.